Think about today’s digital world. It’s the world in which we all live. Where people communicate and connect. Where businesses can grow and thrive. And it’s nothing without trust.

We’re putting the focus on creating a trustworthy and transparent digital footprint, prioritizing honesty, ethics and security. By empowering IS/IT professionals like you, we strive to enhance consumer confidence, fostering business growth for all.

ISACA’s Digital Trust Portfolio

Digital Trust Ecosystem eBook

Digital Trust Ecosystem Framework (DTEF)

Focusing on the key components of building trustworthy relationships between enterprises and consumers, the Framework addresses three traditional elements (people, process, and technology), and adds a fourth critical element (organization). It incorporates detailed practices, activities, outputs, controls, KPIs and KRI’s, providing practitioners with a comprehensive toolkit for implementation and assessment.

Digital Trust Implementation Guide

Digital Trust Ecosystem Framework: Implementation Guide

This e-publication helps organizations determine the proper approach to adopting and implementing a digital trust strategy leveraging the DTEF. It is a flexible approach that allows organizations to focus on their business objectives and determine what trust factors and practices to prioritize for implementation. The guidance is customizable so organizations can optimize digital trust posture based on their needs.

Digital Trust Board Briefing

Digital Trust Board Briefing

This downloadable PDF explains how the DTEF can be leveraged to create a digitally trustworthy ecosystem that considers the accountabilities and responsibilities of all enterprise stakeholders. It advocates embedding digital trust into an organization’s GRC model as connecting digital actions to the governing structure can positively affect trust between the organization and its stakeholders.

Digital Trust Short Course

Introduction to the Digital Trust Ecosystem Framework Short Course

The 60-minute, self-paced online course explores digital trust concepts and DTEF components. During the course, participants will define digital trust, explore its value and impact on organizational success, summarize the components of the DTEF, and describe the nodes and domains that comprise the DTEF.

Digital Trust Interactive Guide

Digital Trust Ecosystem Framework Interactive Guide

The Interactive Guide navigates users through the DTEF (key tenants, components and various interactions), and helps users understand the DTEF. It is highly interactive (3-D modeling, resources, additional context and knowledge checks), and is ideal for visual learners. The e-learning format helps users understand the key principles of the Digital Trust Ecosystem Framework. The Digital Trust Ecosystem Framework Interactive Guide is a good companion guide and learning tool to the Digital Trust Ecosystem Framework.

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